Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions were put together to help users better understand how their use of this website will be governed.

Your use and access of this website indicates you accept these Terms and Conditions.

  1. That I am an Independent Distributor of OPTIHEALTH NETWORK ENTERPRISES.

  2. That I attended the business presentation training and fully understood the marketing and compensation plan.

  3. That I agree as part of the DAMAYAN SYSTEM, OPTIHEALTH will automatically deduct from my pay-outs/commissions/rebates/bonuses the amount of twenty pesos (P20.00) in case of member’s death.

  4. That I will not sell products or entice other members or network group to join other depot franchisee and or other network company that will directly compete OPTIHEALTH product lines, as such the Company can suspend and/or terminate my membership.

  5. That I fully understood that OPTIHEALTH reserves the right to refuse or to delete membership from the system if, in the exercise of reasonable discretion, OPTIHEALTH determine that my membership has been done fraudulently or unlawfully.

  6. That I will abide to all policies and guidelines issued by the company from time to time.

  7. That I fully understood that all the check payments should be made payable only to OPTIHEALTH NETWORK ENTERPRISES and are subject for clearing.

  8. That I should remit my payments to OPTIHEALTH cashier’s office or deposited to OPTIHEALTH bank accounts or as designated by the authorized person.

  9. That I will not hold OPTIHEALTH liable or responsible for all the membership payments or product orders collected by me or by any members or by any employee of OPTIHEALTH not authorized to receive payment. Only designated collection officer (cashier) and banks are allowed to receive payments to avoid any inconveniences resulting to non-delivery of stocks and non-registration of itsmember.

  10. That I as a member should present valid photo ID when claiming for pay-outs/commissions/rebates/bonuses. The ID name should match the member’s name that was entered upon registration. Sample valid ID’s are as follows” Passport, SSS ID, Tax Identification, Driver’s License.

  11. That this agreement is no employer-employee relationship.

  12. That OPTIHEALTH will not withheld any tax from my commissions and I, as an Independent Distributor is fully responsible in filing and remitting my taxes to the Government.

  13. That I agree unconditionally on all the terms and conditions herewith upon conforming in this distributor membership agreement that is subject to updates and revision from time to time.

  14. I hereby certify that all data on my registration form are true and correct.

  15. That this is being authenticated and certified by my registration/account creation.