OPTIHEALTH is a business registered under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It has an online store that promotes affordable products and provide a unique system to its members giving them the opportunity to work from home. OPTIHEALTH system is developed to help people from all walks of life. OPTIHEALTH envisioned to INSPIRE PEOPLE, EMPOWER CONSUMERS and SHARE LIFE.

How Can I Become A Member Of OPTIHEALTH?

Becoming a member of OPTIHEALTH is simple. All you have to do is create an account with us through an affiliate link from your family or friends who is already a member of OPTIHEALTH or by clicking on “Signup” at our homepage http://www.optihealth.net.ph. Upon registration, click the confirmation link sent on the email you address provided and update your personal information. Once done, visit “Shop” section and purchase any OPTIHEALTH PRODUCT PACKAGES. Upon receipt of your payment, you will become a bonafide Independent Distributor of OPTIHALTH. You can now start doing our business though selling our products and/or sponsoring others through your referral link. It is understood that by registering, you have already read and agreed on the Terms and Conditions of OPTIHEALTH.

Where Can I Buy OPTIHEALTH Products?

You can buy OPTIHEALTH products by logging into your virtual office and clicking on the “SHOP” section. Your purchase could either be delivered to you at a minimal fee or pick-up on any of our mobile depot nearest you.

Can My Purchases Be Shipped For FREE?

OPTIHEALTH products prices is way low compared to other products in the industry and therefore shipping your purchases for FREE as of this moment is not yet possible. Alternatively, you can pick up your purchases on any of our mobile depot nearest you.